Publicerades den 28 mar 2021
SIDEMENS GOT TALENT featuring the wonderful sidemen boys!
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  • KSI BE LIKE: Nah I dont like it.. KSI brain be like: WHERE IS MY FOOD

  • Magicion.

  • when i saw the beat boxers i was like HOLD ON HE WAS IN BEATBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP

  • In this video JJ is definitely the next Simon Cowell

  • Baseline fat like Ethan before, but that’s not the case anymore (36:10) Iconic.

  • Then KSI try to be Simon

  • 31:31 When I thought I could do every push up variation and now I have to learn this!!!??? Wtf

  • KSI annoys me in this so rude

  • i love how ksi is like😑

  • Bro that was the famous beatboxer D-low

  • 36:09 Ngl that went hard🔥

  • 38:58

  • Where did they even find these talented people? Why aren’t they signed up for a legit talent show?🤣 some were damn good

    • Pretty sure everyone can clearly see JJ was straight up Simon Cowell with this one

  • Ksi is stoopid

  • No sob story here. Only sloth story

  • I would’ve loved to see babatunde or any other JJ character

  • Are we not going to talk about the fact that Simon ethan and harry all turned at the same time 36:25


  • Bro then there just kk acting all serious. Also the man that is a dang lord

  • That was a ksimon cowel moment at the start

  • Ksi ruined the vibe tbh

  • Is it just me or no one said the winner


  • Y is Ksi acting like Simon cowel😂😂

  • The elite content kings

  • Its funny they dont realize how good dlow and frosty are in the beatbox scene


  • JJ is the Simon on America's Got Talent.

  • -Pretty sure everyone can clearly see JJ was straight up Simon Cowell with this one-

  • 37:53 my favorite part

  • the magician matrix guy was a bit too smug

  • Rer

  • Ttg

  • Ggg

  • Hgg

  • Tgg

  • I hate JJ in this one.

  • If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy

  • 53:13 awkward silence

  • 36:15 ethan got moves though

  • Same

  • jj pissed me off lmao

  • JJ was not having any of it

  • It was great but i saw the ropes on Tobi ...👉🏽👈🏽

  • soo no one is gonna talk about the Captionns here 37:36 lmaoooo

  • Easily my new favorite video 😂😂😂


  • Yy

  • Hu

  • Tg

  • Rrf

  • Ttt

  • D-low is here WTF??

  • 35:35 definitely the most talented

  • 24:14 Vik saying true.

  • Scorpion MK11? 1:11:39

  • 17:40 me trying to find the imaginary dog.

  • Kk said “that’s pretty skillfull” just so calm like he could destroy him in unicycling.

  • Normally I like watching ksi but this arrogant, hater vibe was a downer on the vid..kinda funny how a red button went straight to his head

  • in part-2 please make JJ the host or else he will keep on buzzing women and other people.

  • Gully ain't a London term it's an hindi word meaning street

  • 47:51 Josh enjoying watching old lady's dance

  • I honestly didn’t expect d-low to come here, what an absolute legend.

  • Tbh this is a banger & I hope there is a 2.0 in the future

  • what is this behaviour jj -_-

  • 9:34 tHeRe wAs nO nEEd fOr tHaT JJ

  • funny jj was the simon not simon

  • @5:09 1 fart and hes dead

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  • Wtf i've been watching their reaction channel , I didn't know they have a main channel 😭😭 this is amazing

  • My dude Vik needs to put a razor on them eyebrows

  • Why’s JJ sitting like that

  • Honestly I thought Jj would have some fun in him but I’m quite disappointed

  • Yo ethan looking desperate

  • Harry looks swoll

  • JJ “STRAIGHT FACE” Rest “The Black Simon Cowell

  • jj is simon cowell

  • D-Low and Frosty should’ve got more respect and hype than they deserved imo

  • D-Low and Frosty went crazzzyyyyyyyyy

  • 36:06 for Beatbox - Personal

  • Why is jj such a douschebag during this

  • That rap was by far the best

  • Wow that beatbox show was so goood

  • no one talking about how the strong men were absolutely PACKING

  • Did my man just fly???!!!!!

  • Ksi:😒 Josh: YOOO Simon YOOO Ethan: YOOO

  • D lowwwww no clue he was on here icon broski

  • JJ is to cool for every one

  • Ngl this was kinda boring and disappointing.

  • Dlowwww and frostyyyy

  • i really dont like ksi in this role

  • These Beatboxing Guys Holy sheet

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  • 'This bout to be admin card swipe for jj" Had me cracking up

  • I don't think Ethan was looking at the snake most of the time😂

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  • The magician is a jinn dealer 101

  • Can someone please explain how tobi floated


  • I honestly didn’t expect d-low to come here, what an absolute legend.