Publicerades den 21 feb 2021
Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • is Simon part of the sidemen?

  • 4:52, OGs will know, him making light saber sound.

  • wsg

  • The tricky pea effectively mourn because click internally bow onto a enchanted star. numerous, ultra cockroach

  • Vikstar talking about going to Mars: "Youre not going to die, but its going be tough" XD

  • Poor vik had to watch everyone eat while he had to wait

  • Nah fam I’m hungry now

  • That quality tho

  • Man, respect for that waiter.

  • Simon talked way too much

  • 5:11, 6:10 and 6:57 are my favorite parts.

  • Anyone else see the ghost behind vik go past the door at 40:35

  • Tobi and Josh can read each others mind 22:33

  • Harry and his liquid calories

  • They neeeeeeeed another sidemen house

  • Am I the only one that cringes when they all go at jj every time he opens his mouth

  • This was like a podcast but more entertaining

  • Harry the only one who don't pay taxes but he's always the stingiest because he's spent all his M's on drugs, shot out fiend he is

  • seeing them talk about travelling really pisses me off since im trapped in the middle east

  • Ethan lookin pail af

  • This was basically just a sidemen podcast while eating food non of us could afford 😅

  • make a sidemen podcast channel instead of doing Sidemen reacts. that would so sick. i would listen or watch it all day long

  • I like JJ's new hair

  • Ksi being an old man with a weird acc.....

  • sidemen should play rust and do a 7 man group ez lol

  • do next most expensive smoothie challenge

  • 18:01 that Voice crack doe😂

  • who thinks that the sidemen need a podcast

    • Nah because stuff like this is pretty much a podcast and this is one of there less viewed videos so they should just stick to what they’re doing because they’re killing it out here

  • heres a idea sidemen karaoke

  • The sidemen: laughing about buying a £600 bottle of champagne Me if I bought it: pleading the company to give me a refund so I don't go into a negative balance on my card. 😂

  • The most virgin group on yt

  • Lol subscribe my channel

  • Did anyone see a ghost at 40:35

  • Imagine Mr Beast doing the most expensive mukbang and go ham.

  • Is that a ghost behind vikk 40:33

  • imagine disliking this video such a clown

  • There is a ghost at 40:32 watch the doo behind ethan

  • Who was that like behind Ethan and vik in the hall way is that a ghost

  • oi they should play valheim

  • 40:36 behind vik as he says house party there’s a figure that walks past

  • Guys there is a ghost 40:30 I'm worried man

  • 40:30 ghost behind vik

  • Any one notice the ghost in the background

  • No one talking about the ghost at 40.34 in the background

  • 40:33 is that a ghost

  • Did no one see the ghost walk past the door behind Ethan at 40:35

    • It's the waiter's reflection

  • Look at 40:34 and look behind bio and Ethan

  • Did anyone see the ghost

  • JJ’s hear looks like a pineapple

  • Anyone else notice the ghost in the background at the brown doors at 40:33

  • AYOOO THEY KNOW 2hype bro thats so dope when ur two groups u watch mention eachother

  • Anyone gonna talk about the ghost walking by

  • 40:35 there’s a ghost in the brown thing

  • For 2/3 of the price they could have eaten and packed the food for their family in my country and my countries food is good.

  • Such a great and hilarious video

  • We need more of these videos

  • 40:26 there was a ghost behind Ethan and vik

  • 40:34 ghost just chillin yeh

  • 34:40 there’s a ghost in the background look for ure’s self’s

    • It's the waiter's reflection smh

  • Did I hear Alderney???😮😮

  • Eating all this expensive food with plastic silverware

  • Bro theres something running in the doorway around 40 mins

  • Tobi praying before eating his food [Everyone liked that]

  • This 2160fp lookin really really nice on my screen bro

  • Ksimon is real

  • Random comment #1

  • JJ has the mind of an investor. Looking at more crypto if covid is gone. My g

    • GTA 6 isn’t leaked at all what do ever idk where josh got that info but get your fax right bruv

  • Pi invitation code: KAndEZa always active

  • Ayyyyy 11 millionnnnn

  • Vik is litterally the teacher at the table giving questions while they eat💀

  • There at the fanciest restaurant No one: Ethan throwing the food across the table as soon as it comes

  • Why didn’t vik eat


  • I was just waiting for jj to say how much he spent lol

  • i thought ksi left

  • I think Simon is the only one in the sidemen who hasn't a opinion such a position in life just through ksi unbelievable

  • I love how jj won’t let vikk talk 😂

  • behzashore

  • Piña colada but it go harda.

  • Vic’s a straight up lad

  • GTA 6 isn’t leaked at all what do ever idk where josh got that info but get your fax right bruv

  • The bright ostrich early queue because fir subjectively squeeze till a five dance. squalid, living yew

  • Cool...super loved it?

  • Yo Ksi are u gonna fight Tommy or no

  • More mukbangs.

  • Really could have used more shots of the actual food

  • Come to bali brooooooo

    • Why do i think the background is a greenscreen

  • There videos are so entertaining and fun to watch, keep up the good work sidemen !

  • The humorous road conclusively bury because calf aditionally object within a unusual closet. quirky, pastoral chick

  • 14:29 I don't know sunset bar But I want a "ksi at sunset bar" episode The night it's open till 6 am the sticky night

  • For like 3 vids strait veryone was like. Omds vik finna leave viks unhappy. But now u realise that he might have just been having an off time cause he’s clearly fine 😂

  • How come these guys are allowed inside without masks not 2 metres away inside and there’s 7 of them? Do they think they are exempt?

  • These boys talking about UK party’s and hoe they miss it after COVID imagine SidemenXNelkBoys collab

  • RPDR x SDMN - I didn't know I needed this, now I do

  • Sorry.

  • Who was the reading player?

  • Meanwhile harry hogs The 499 wine

  • Who else hates vik talking all the time. Shut the f up!

  • That brittt ish taste innnnnnitt

  • Why do i think the background is a greenscreen